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Mission Statement

The mission of Community Christian School is to educate and develop the whole student for the glory of God.

Community Christian School (CCS) is a Christian faith-based elementary school, pre-school and day care, located on the campus of Community Church Pine Grove.  It is a key ministry of our church and is the only Christian elementary school in Amador County.

CCS was founded in 1980, and has been continuously educating the youth of Amador County for the past 30 years. We have given our children a consistently high level of Christ-centered world-view and education as they move on to their high school of choice, with an excellent preparation for college. Many of our graduates are often valedictorians or honor students of local high schools, which is historically frequent with CCS kids!



  • We want to develop our children spiritually, academically, psychologically and socially.

  • The school adheres to a Christ-centered curriculum, administered in a disciplined, caring atmosphere.

  • Community Christian School addresses educational practices from a world-view of God as the center of all things, from a Biblical perspective. This helps give students a sense of balance, security and a foundation of hope, coupled with knowledge gained, which is vital in enabling a student to have a positive identity, as well as a sense of purpose and value.

  • Our program provides an environment in which students are able to develop an excitement about learning.

Contact Us


14045 Ponderosa Way, Pine Grove, CA 95665


(209) 296-7773

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